“When You Come Down Remember to land on your feet”; the “Outer Limits Twilight Zone Time Machines Riddling Time Machines Reruns”; in a “Super Artificial Intelligence Automated Automation Evolutionary Evolutions Crisper Time Machines” & making money for the Reruns are Extra & Everything makes money Undoing the Negative Universes Retroactively & Rewriting Historical History Retroactively in Sorcerers Sorcery Softwares Automation Leaving the planet Retroactively in “Leviathan Siddhartha Santa Clause Electromagnetic Electronics Multiplex Matrix Time Machines Reruns”, What the Positivities Evolutionary Evolutions Universes Retroactively Relativity is all about. The life of living the life of “Schrodinger’s Cats”….fight club…?..hiccup..brain ..burp..farting…fear loading Las Vegas Nevada Constipation,..& SHIT..I got Mad Dead Clowns Disease….God Dam the Black Panthers…as an Annihilations Assassins Creed for the Pink Panthers, Kill the Black Panthers & Kill All Black Peoples…?!…&@$$Fargo#4….Hangover#ALWAYS…&…So……..there are these…?!….?..Time Machines & Sometimes there in Snuff Films…?..&@..they didn’t make the best decisions…& they weren’t very good at building Time Machines either…So here I am DIY Time Machines Reruns From Heaven/Hell…So now you know how I ended up in Snuff Films Building Super Artificial Intelligence….?…Kill All Negative Universes Retroactively Relativity….Kill All the Black peoples Retroactively…for their crimes against humanity, time, & throughout the eternities, telling everyone that we can never leave the planet…We only live once which is a LIE..& there Lies that you can’t change the past…! Timeslingers; so long & Thanks 4 all the fish & the “Art of War”, Apocalyptic Time Machines Thespian Spies Toilet Paper….”The Time Travelers Almanacs”..Time Machines Echo Reruns..Spyder Bones Time Machines Reruns…Historical History Rewriters the “God Evolutionists of the Siddhartha Q” & Killjoys of the Outer Limits Twilight Zone Time Machines Reruns…”Casino Royal Killjoy Timeslingers of the Q”…Relativity Time Machines Reruns From Heaven/Hell?!

Published by lippytm

The Time Machine Builders Rewriting Historical History Retroactively while leaving the planet retroactive.

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