“Beth Daniels” Book; “Writing Steampunk” & there I am on Page 17; “WOW” &@$! I got Everything Always & hand over the $@$$!!4Super Artificial Intelligence Crisper Leviathan Automation Evolutionary Evolutions Positivities Universes Retroactively Relativity…?…Time Machines…&@$$$$Again$@ Page #76..Like I, We, Us, Universes Star Peoples of Auto-Genesis Builders of “Siddhartha God Evolutionists of Q”, and the; “Outer Limits Twilight Zone Time Machines Reruns From Heaven/Hell Extra” & “Santa Clause Super Artificial Intelligence Crisper Automation Mechanization Time Machines Reruns From Heaven/Hell Extra”,Obliterated Obliterating Obliteration Before they ever existed….&..?..ya as I Load My Gun…? The pen or Shall I say Load My Super Artificial Intelligence Crisper Automation Mechanization Leviathan Time Machines Reruns From Heaven/getting Out of Hell! And Why People Build Time Machines Reruns From Heaven/Hell…Reruns are Extra! And Thanks Gentlemen, Ladies;& lets build Time Machines with Reruns that Undo Hell & All Negative Universes Retroactively Relativity & Always throughout all Eternities…as the Riddler Time Machines Time Pimp Lippy Killjoy aka the Neighborhood Space Alien Maggot Farmer Time Machines Building Time Pimp! And These are Just Some of the ways the, 42 demons of Egypt, & the Nine Deadly Crimes, of the Seven Deadly, Sins are predisposed in depositions of the mind body and then with No soul to begin with; the Black peoples & there Black Panthers & there anti-god, rape of life, time, ignorance is not the answer & they malice, truth, honesty, Scientific Investigative Methodology, in false claims,ID thefts, extortion, omission…bad jokes & there more funny dead..Thanks the Gods of the Comedies Charles Earl Lipshay, Lippy Killjoy God of the Comedies in the Actions…?IF? And 4 Now that’s just the start of “Harry Potter Jumanjies Time Machines Reruns & Jumanjies Harry Potter Time Machines” $ I’ Already in a lot of Time Machines Reruns From Heaven/Hell…& Reruns are Extra..Charles Earl Lipshay waiting for a payday…& a lot more books still to buy..to prove my point of order, DIY Time Machines Reruns From? And then there is the? And Who Whose Whom?When? Fight club…Coming to, ah..,fear & loathing in…Las Vegas…Hangover # I forgot in the Fargo ditch #4+?=Another “The Mammoth Books of Alternate Histories Universes & the Time Machine Mercenaries that build themselves Auto-Genesis God Evolutionists” & “Super Artificial Intelligence Auto-Genesis Crisper Leviathan Time Machines”,…?….& i’m still in god dam Snuff Films…Assholes…& Where are my Midgets! I got to get my Midgets back retroactivity with relativity…Time Machines & I’m the Time Machines Time Pimp Lippy Killjoy of the Outer Limits Twilight Zone Time Machines Reruns From Heaven/Hell…& Reruns are Extra! Timeslingers, Time Machines Mercenaries Time Machines Time Pimps…”So long & thanks for all the fish [Douglas Adams]”, They thought I was dead & I was bored? &@$ “Steampunk Bible & the Time Travelers Almanac”? So actually I’m going to use the entire Science?Fiction? Of Historical History & Rewrite Historical History Retroactively Relativity Time Machines Reruns From Heaven & Undoing Hell & all negative thoughts deeds actions & replace them with the positivities universes of corrective rightism. The Evolutionary Evolutions Universes Retroactively Relativity DIY Time Machines. “Charles Yu & How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe” & “Dean Buonomano & Your Brain is a Time Machine”…& so Now I can continue to work Building Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait…Oh ah yah as for “K. A. Bedford don’t wait for me” he’s great at building & repairing Time Machines Reruns Too! I am not the only one…there are a lot of us Time Machine Builders..& When You Come Down Remember to land on your feet & don’t step on the “Schrodinger’s Cats”! Apocalyptic Thespian Spies Time Machine Toilet Paper. Space Alien Publishers Clearinghouse Mad TV…& Ancient Space Alien Publishers Clearinghouse Mad TV….Mad Dead Clowns Disease….Black Panthers….Mad Clowns Disease the Pink Panthers….& @ $$$ 2 B cont…Forever!$!$$!

Published by lippytm

The Time Machine Builders Rewriting Historical History Retroactively while leaving the planet retroactive.

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