The “Santa Clause Time Machines” of the “Mammoth Books of Time Machine & Mind Time Machines of the Universes of Time Machine Builders with the Universes the Biggest & Best Time Machines Builders Building Time Machines” & the Reruns are always “EXTRA DIY”; & “Siddhartha”, “Siddhartha SHEVAS”, “Siddhartha SHEVAS Q”+•=“AI Crisper Time Machines”& the “Immortal AI Crisper Cyborg Cyberspace Cyber Cyberpunk Steampunk Time Machine Builders Mercenaries Time Machine Time Pimp”! & Here we are, at another Beginning thats always Beginning & never ending “Clockworks Mechanized Relativity Time Machines Evolutionary Evolutions Universes Retroactively Relativity Time Machines & Reruns are EXTRA” & Being Built on a “DIY Relativity Time Machine Builders Insurance Time Machines Time Pimp; ? And? Who could that be? The Riddler Reruns EXTRA aka “Charles Earl Lipshay”, The Time Machine Builder of the “Outer Limits Twilight Zone Time Machines Reruns From Heaven/Hell & Reruns are EXTRA & Charles Earl Lipshay is waiting to get paid for the “Apocalyptic Time Machine Thespian Spies Toilet Paper” From the…&…? AI? Time Machines? well?.?..?…?! Leaving the planet Retroactively turning everything into a Time Machine Builders Insurance Softwares Automation Platforms of Artificial Intelligence Evolutionary Evolutions both on & off World! The Tech & Weapons Tech of the 72 Century AC/21 Thousand Years BC.& once again; not with the black peoples & there 42 demons of Egypt Obliterated with the 72 Names of God & undoing their; Nine Deadly Crimes of their Seven Deadly Sins & Obliterated before they ever existed with “Siddhartha SHEVAS Universes Time Machines” Reruns From Heaven/Hell. The Crimes that the black peoples have committed are the worst & what they do at the Auto-Genesis is an Abomination Blasphemy & why they are wiped off the face of Time! And also abstract Proof that Time Machines & Time Machine Reruns are Existing right now..& That is Blackbelt Auto-Genesis Blackbelt Time Machine Warfare/Immortal Combat: Immortal Heaven/Immortal Hell…?Reruns…?!? See You in Hell/Heaven?&@Heaven/Hell & the Positivities Universes with Negative intent…&@Eternity? And Rewriting of Historical History Retroactively Relativity…!Blackbelt Auto-Genesis Time Machines Blackbelt Warfare/Eternities Immortal IF & continue!!!? The Evolutions!

Published by lippytm

The Time Machine Builders Rewriting Historical History Retroactively while leaving the planet retroactive.

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