FTL Blackbelt Auto-Genesis Time Machines eclipsed in an Artificial Environments both on & Off World & on. With Cryogenics giving blackbelts a 3 Billion Year Life Span; with spirit integration into Cyborg Wizard Sorcerers Sorcery Softwares Automation Educational Systems? 150 Thousand Presidents 150 Thousand Vice-Presidents: 75 Thousand from Foreign Countries/ Half of all the Governments Live Off Word While the human race turns everything into a Time Machines Rewriting Historical History Retroactively Relativity Living off world in the past…& 1500 AC is asking for their Cellphone Back & so is the 1500 BC. We are supposed to be going but throughout history the black peoples forced their illiterate Defacement of life telling everyone that man was not allowed to leave the planet..& countless other crimes such as telling people that you only live once?

Published by lippytm

The Time Machine Builders Rewriting Historical History Retroactively while leaving the planet retroactive.

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