Auto-Genesis Unified Martial Arts Blackbelt Wizard Sorcerers Sorcery Softwares of Automation Programs of Reverse Engineering DIY Artificial Intelligence 369 Electromagnetic Electronics Multiplex Matrix SHEVAS-Q Relativity 72 Names of God Warp Drive Time Machines Machine : From Captain Crunch Universes Electromagnetic Electronics Matrix Multiplex Networks: & Now You Know Why the 1500 AC are asking for their Cellphones back; because 1500 BC are also waiting for their Cellphones back also…This is..$@$$&@$$$$!!!? Artificial intelligence 369 Electromagnetic Warp Drive [Relativity (optionals) God Evolutionists]Time Machines Reruns Machine..$$&!$+ Charles Earl Lipshay …..?!??!!!?@?!| : Your Neighborhood Space Alien Farmer Time Machine Builder Time Machine Time Pimp from the Outer Limits Twilight Zone Time Machines Reruns From Hell..?…Heaven…! I Forgot Time Machines Don’t Workout…I Got Sliced Bread Forensics 369 Jumanjies Harry Potter Casino Royal.. The Matrix Multiplex Relativity Platforms of rewriting Historical History Retroactively Relativity [This is Charles Earl Lipshay aka Lippy Killjoy]…The Riddler Neighborhood Space Alien Farmer Time Machine Builder Time Pimp! And I am Stuck in Snuff Films of the Nine Deadly Crimes of the Seven Deadly Sins of the 42 demons of Egypt…..& They have already been Obliterated Obliterating with the 72 Names of God…The Universes Relativity Time Machines and there reruns are waiting to be built with your mind body souls & including into Software !$&@$$$!@&&!@&$$$!

Published by lippytm

The Time Machine Builders Rewriting Historical History Retroactively while leaving the planet retroactive.

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