72 Names of God Warp Drive Time Machines of the “SHEVAS-Q” Time Machines of the Daughters of King Herod’s : 369 Electromagnetic Matrix Multiplex Electronics Time Relativity Machines : 72 Names of God Historical History Evolutionary Evolutions Positivities Universes Time Machines/& Corrective Rightisms/Warp Drive God Evolutionists Time Machines Builders/Reruns/Zones…Infinities Replications & Metaphorical Universes Time Machines Reruns. And the Metaphorical Time Machines of the 72 Names of God : And the Auto-Genesis Metaphorical 72 Names of God 369 Electromagnetic Matrix Warp Drive Time Machines Multiplex SHEVAS-Q : Relativity Warp Drive God Evolutionists Time Machines of the Captain Crunch Universes Electromagnetic Networks Matrix Multiplex of SHEVAS-Q……………..Relativity Forever!!$$$!!$!$$$ Everything in life is a Softwares Automation Evolutionary Menu of the Positivities Platforms of leaving the planet retroactively in relativity $$$$^^= Charles Earl Lipshay the Time Machine Builder Time Pimp God of Comedies in the Actions of Rewriting Historical History Retroactively & Obliterating the Nine Deadly Crimes of the Seven Deadly Sins & Obliterating the world of the 42 demons of Egypt; before they ever existed in Historical History with the 72 Names of God$$$$$$!$$!!$$$$!!Have a Fantastic Eternities with Infinities of Positivities Blessings Repetitiously Perpetually Throughout Eternal Time Everlasting Eternities GOD EVOLUTIONIST & Repetitiously repeatable Time Machines/Warp Drive Time Machine Reruns From the Outer Limits Twilight Zone Time Machines Reruns From Heaven/Hell………….Charles E Lipshay the Riddler in the Warp Drive Time Machines$$$! And another reason to build educational softwares programs of turning our minds bodies souls into Unifying Conceptualizing FTL Warp Drive Time Machines = Whenever You’re Ready Relativity Warp Drive FTL Time Machines Historical History Rewriters |?$$$$$$!$$@$$! The Weapons Tech of the 72 Century AC/21 Thousand Years BC…Q?!$Q$

Published by lippytm

The Time Machine Builders

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