“Apocalyptic Toilet Paper” & it comes with a new Comedy; “Go Read You’re Toilet Paper”!

And then there is the “Apocalyptic Time Machine Toilet Paper”..If I had only stayed at a “Holiday Inn Express”; maybe we would have left the planet Retroactively anyways? I don’t know? Building Time Machines Universes Electromagnetic Electronics Networks is the Matrix Multiplex Relativity Nesting Evolutionary Evolutions Universes! And I got a lot of work to do so now I’m going to be leaving….”Killjoy of Time & Space…” The Nine Deadly Crimes of the Seven Deadly Sins…?..Artificial Intelligence &, or the mimicking fraudulent mayhem software of, subcultures of criminality insane mass deaths of the “Heavens Gates”, for those of us that can’t wait! And then variables?..

Published by lippytm

The Time Machine Builders Rewriting Historical History Retroactively while leaving the planet retroactive.

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  1. The start, my start, for the Historical Rewriting of Historical History Retroactively! The Time Machine Builders; The “God Evolutionists”..the Q…those of us who are of the…… “SHEVAS Universes”!


    1. The Rewriting of Historical History & while leaving the planet Retroactively! And of coarse I have to Train & Educate the human race to Build Time Machines with the “72 Names of God”; Obliterating the “42 demons of Egypt! The Time Machine!?!..anyways thanks; ..oh there is always a way to tie-into the time Machine Builders Builders Platforms…I should know.. I’m the, “Time Machine Time Pimp”! Doctor Bones Frankenstein Strange of the Outer Limits Twilight Zone Time Machines/Reruns…”Captain Crunch Networks”! Artificial intelligent Time Machine Android Assistants…?


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