Infinity Time Machines of Relativity

The Outer Limits Twilight Zone Time Machines. : “Casino Royal” Time Machines of “if”, & the Depositions of countless “Tomorrow Land” Time Machine Builders Projects & Programs…!?!?…&.. Now were all in a ditch…Not Really…But..Warfare is Eternal…&..Leaving the planet Retroactively is always on the Programs of the Eternities! As Auto-Genesis Evolves we start getting ready to leave the planet Retroactively. Buy turning everything into a software time machine program! Rewriting Historical History; & literally changing, time, space, & eclipsing the Entire human race in an Artificial Intelligence Environments & Evolving both on & off world Retroactively Relativity! So get your Gigs on & Terabyte Up! And as I time travel I add to the rhetoric time machine tools to my time machine toolbox I see things change & staying the same becoming odd and not funny and not..rhetoric time machine evolution…& life & death!!! And the Lippy Killjoys DIY Time Machines & does reruns $$$$?.. Time Machines &@$$$!!!?..!!$$$!.. Artificial intelligence? Intelligence artificial?

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